About Us

At the end of 2013 we held a naming ceremony for each classroom.  Their new names link to the journey through the syndicates from Te Awa (years 0-2), to Maunga (years 3-4), through to Rangi (years 5-6).    From 2014 they will be known as the following:

Te Puna/Room 1; the spring

Waikato/Room 2; the flow of water

Waimana/Room 3; the power of the water when it can become deep and broad

Wairere/Room 4; where water takes flight or descends

Te Puaha/Room 5; the mouth or gateway of the river and onto the next part of the journey

Ara Tiatia/Room 6; series of pegs - stuck in to assist in climbing a steep ascent

Ara Matua/Room 7; (noun) main road, motorway, expressway

Te Tihi/Room 8; the peak of the maunga

Te Ao Rangi/Room 9; Aotearoa's highest maunga and where the earth meets the sky

Te Ao Marama/Room 10; the world of light-knowledge