Enrolments, Uniforms, Bus

Enrolment Information

If your child will be attending Puni School please in the first instance contact the school with your child's date of birth and contact details to help us in our forward planning.  We can answer any questions you may have and advise when the school visits will take place.

We will then give you an enrolment pack which includes the following:
* Enrolment Form
* Immunisation Certificate (to be completed by the Doctor's nurse)
* Health Information Form
* Dental Form (if not already enrolled)
* Uniform Order Form
* Information Booklet (also available on our website under the Information Booklet tab)
* Consent & Information Form

The Ministry of Education requires that we hold a copy of the child's birth certificate or passport BEFORE they can start school.
  Please bring an original with you and we will photocopy it for our records. If you have your Plunket Book fully up to date with immunisations please also bring that with you.


Please use the form below to order uniform items, then drop off at the school office with payment.  Some sample sizes of the uniform are available for your persual.

Ballot Form

For children who live outside our Enrolment Zone, if you wish to be included in our ballot please download the Ballot form (link below), fill out and post to:

Puni School
357 Waiuku Rd
Pukekohe 2678

A ballot is generally held in September each year for the following year.  Please keep an eye on the Franklin County News for details of this.

The ballot for the 2021 school year has closed.   

Bus Information/Routes

Please click on the link below to find out the bus route for Puni School.  The Ministry of Education provides free transport to those pupils who live within our enrolment zone and live more than 3.2 kilometres away from our front gate.

If you live outside our zone please see the Information Booklet on the website or ask at the school office.

Our bus transportation policy is also included below for your perusal.
  Currently the cost is $100 per student per term to use the bus if you are living out of zone and within 3.2 kilometres of our front gate.  Bus fees must be paid in full by week 4 of each term to ensure uninterrupted travel.

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