Puni School Children

House Captain Traits & Qualities

House Captains will be a Role Model For Others by displaying most of the following:

ü  Honest

ü  Reliable

ü  Uses appropriate language.

ü  Well- Mannered

ü  Have a happy disposition.

ü  Be caring and concerned.

ü  Display Positive Actions in all situations.                             

ü  Enthusiastic

ü  ü  Well Organised

ü  Works without supervision

ü  Use their initiative.

ü  Follow the rules.

ü  Great Listeners

ü  Follow Multiple instructions confidently and independently

ü  Patient and Calm

ü  Is an effective team player.

ü  Supportive

ü  Develops and maintain positive relationships with both peers and adults.

ü  Willing to give up their free time.

ü  Interested in People

ü  Able to Multi-task.

ü  Problem Solves

ü  Display Excellent Behaviour

ü  Be involved in a variety of extra-curricular activities

ü  Have an Exemplary Attitude to School

ü  Have a commanding presence/ authority or air  that is inspiring to others

ü   Be a leader.

ü   Fulfil the Key Competencies of Thinking, Self –Management, Relating Others, Participating and Contributing.
(As per our Puni School Year 1-6 Teaching Steps.)

A House Captain at Puni School would:

v  Lead their houses for all sports and other school activities and events.

v  Act as playground mediators

v  Assist staff with supervision of all Puni pupils both within and outside the School Environment.

v  Keeping an eye out for strangers on the school site.

v  Assist the staff with all School organisations – Wet Day Monitors, Lunches, Class Events, Aiding visitors to Puni School.

v  Leading lunchtime games and competitions- padder tennis, relays, netball shots, inter-class competitions.

v  Ensuring pupils return to class on time.

v  Assisting new entrant and new arrivals to Puni School feel welcome and included.

v  Assist with the tidiness of the grounds-picking up rubbish, lost property and sports equipment.

v  Maintain the School Rules by leading by example and a helping other pupils do the right thing.

v  Assist the duty teacher to run assemblies.

v  Feedback important information to staff members.

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